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  • Hawk Guided Veterans

Hawk Guided Technologies se compromete a empoderar a las empresas que promueven la diversidad, la equidad y la inclusión.

The founders of Hawk Guided Technologies are Veterans of the American Armed Forces. The same ideals that direct the efforts of our military drive the values and mission of our enterprise.

We believe in conscious capitalism. Free enterprise systems creates tremendous opportunities for many to operate their own business. As with any system, there are flaws. Barriers of entry into owning a business in the construction and specialty trades exist. Our focus on minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses comes from the recognition that these typically smaller businesses create job opportunities for many in underserved communities.

We believe in not only affecting positive change in our communities, but also promoting businesses mindful of the impact the building sector has on the natural environment, including resource consumption and climate change.

Otra de los valores de nuestra empresa es retribuir.

Hawk Soaring on Sunburst

Hawk Guided Technologies es una empresa estadounidense propiedad de veteranos dedicada a impulsar a las empresas propiedad de minorías, mujeres y veteranos para construir un futuro mejor.